CH. Ajoko Lenzo Nacambel




ve spolumajitelství se Zdenou Melekovou

Rodokmen / Pedigree

Potterdale Reality Star
Ch. Atherleigh Rufus
Ch. Moonhill Does it in Style
Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie
Ch. Moonhill´s Classy Business
Ch. Atherleigh Over the Rainbow
Potterdale Professional
Potterdale Anastasia of Atherleigh
Shenendoa Star of Potterdale
Ch. Potterdale Prophet
Ch. Potterdale Just William
Ch. Potterdale Psalm
Marshfen Mountain Magic at Shenendoa
Ch. Potterdale Privilege
Marshfen Mountain Serenade
ICh. Mayflower´s Nathalie at Dea-Dro
ICh. Dea-Dro Marco Polo
Ch. Firstprizebears Eminence
Shilstone Choir Boy
Shilstone Secret
Ch. Dea-Dro Kasiterin Mona
Double Scotch Blue Jolly Joker
Beardcaper´s Exquisite Dea-Dro
Ch. Beardcaper´s Exquisite Dea-Dro
Sylvabrae Prime Choice
Ch. Sammara Soft Touch
Sylvabrae Soloflight
Beardcaper´s Queen of The Night
Wellknowe Hill-Man at Whistbrae
Bearded Feet Farm Lady Fanny