Yasmine Vanilka





Rodokmen / Pedigree

Philemon Occasion
Otterswish O´Connor Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards
Chriscaro´s Chianti
Otterswish Eve Dearbolt Hooray Henry with Catsun
Kimrand Astra
Moonhill In Your Dreams Moonhill Does it in Style Gillaber Tillycorthie
Moonhill´s Classy Business
Proudfoot Simply Sapphire Moonhill´s Simply Red for Azeta
Potterdale Christmas Joy of Proudfoot
L´CORA Vanilka Moonhill´s Four Wheel Drive
Gallus Last Post at Whistlebrae Gillaber Lone Piper
Arranbrae Christmas Cracker at Gallus
Moonhill´s Forever Classic Gillaber Tillycorthie
Moonhill´s Classy Business
Siggans Felicia
Farmarens High Commission Potterdale Conclusion
Farmarens Yabba-Dabba-Dii
Siggans Eudora Potterdale Dignity
Siggans Bonnie